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How to solve the trip problem?

Date: 2017-08-15 15:20:53 Click:

The main causes and solutions of automatic air cooler trip:


Starting current is too large.


Solution: for large capacity fan proposed step-down start;


Fan load is too large (especially centrifugal fan).


Solution: can be transferred into the air inlet or outlet control valve minimum;


The switch capacity is small, or the setting value of the thermal protector is too small;


Solution: reasonable design.


Impeller reverse rotation,


Solution: to adjust the impeller in the correct direction of rotation;


Poor contact with the line or the same phase caused by lack of phase;


Solution: check the line.


The poor performance of the control box accessory, or the lack of contact with the fan at the line;


Solution: check the line.


Insufficient capacity, low voltage.


These factors are also mentioned a little bit, as long as the user can find these problems, the solution can be found naturally. These reasons are more direct, in the user's use is also relatively easy to be ignored.


In addition to the above reasons, a shell leakage line; connection is not reliable, after operating for a long time after the hot break; motor wiring error;. Double speed fan motor with high speed and low connection error; double speed fan control box high speed serial number is inconsistent with the actual speed; automatic cooling fan does not match the high. Most of these are related and the line, so be sure to Caution! In maintenance, to power handling, no matter in the maintenance of automatic air cooler which components, we must do in the maintenance treatment of the breakpoint may, first of all to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel.

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