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The application of the wet curtain cooling system in Greenhouse

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When the outdoor hot air is sucked through the wet curtain that absorbs the water, the moisture on the wet curtain evaporates, thus reducing the temperature of the air entering the greenhouse. Usually, the wet wall composed of wet curtain, wet curtain water distribution system, water pump and water tank, along the wall side of the building, and the fan is arranged on the other side of the roof. Wet curtain must be kept moist in order to ensure the completion of the evaporation cooling process, according to the size of the greenhouse and the area, select the appropriate fan installed on the wall opposite the wet curtain, so that the flow of air through the greenhouse.


The effect of evaporative cooling is related to the degree of dryness of the air, which is related to the difference between the wet bulb temperature of the air and the dry bulb temperature. Air dry and wet bulb temperature difference not only with the geographical location and seasonal changes, but also changes in a day. Although the change of dry bulb temperature may be as high as 14 DEG C in a day, the change of wet bulb temperature is about 1/3. Therefore, in the humid areas at noon, the evaporation system is still able to cool, which is needed for greenhouse production.

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