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Composition and structure of centrifugal fan and installation and adjustment of fan

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The fan adopts the single suction D type transmission structure, and the fan and the motor are connected by a coupling. The main body of the fan is composed of a casing, an air inlet, a rotor (impeller and main shaft), a bearing box, a shaft coupling, etc.. F type transmission it is a double support two bearing box, single suction has an air intake chamber, double suction has two air intake chamber. C, B type drive with active and passive wheels.


In addition to the requirements of the user, this unit can also be equipped with a variety of external support, the common are: motor, adjust the door, the overall support, electric actuators, silencers, etc.. The scope of the whole set of supply is different according to the needs of different users.


Brief introduction of the structure of 2 fans:


2.1 fan made clockwise or reverse the two types: from the motor end face, such as impeller in a clockwise direction along said fan, "Shun" said; according to said rotating in the counterclockwise direction against the machine, "inverse" said.


The outlet position of the fan is indicated by the outlet angle of the shell: "Shun," and "inverse, can be made into 00, 450, 900, 1350, 1800, 225". Can also be made according to the requirements of other special angle.


2.2 impeller


For the fan impeller, according to the use of different working conditions (different concentration, grain size, hardness and the dust in the gas, abrasion of the impeller) measures taken are different, can also according to the special requirements of users (contract points) with special wear-resistant materials and measures. All the welds have been checked by strict nondestructive testing, and the impeller has been dynamically balanced to provide a reliable guarantee for safe and smooth operation.


2 3 bearing box


According to the specific situation, bearing box has the following two kinds


1) natural cooling bearing box


2 water cooling bearing box


3) natural cooling grease bearing box


4 water cooling grease bearing box

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