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The product features of unpowered low noise roof fan

Date: 2017-08-15 15:18:35 Click:

1, the product is very environmentally friendly, no electricity, continuous operation of high efficiency and energy saving, no noise, no spark, with explosion-proof.


2, weatherproof characteristics: the arc shaped blades, the gap between each blade and blade, blade rotates mutually to this gap, a lot of rain along the round section line out, the rain is small along the blade on the roof, not into the turbine, and the vortex wheel rotation to make air flow from the blade gap, the rain stopped entering.


3, the operation of the device: the use of high - tech ball bearings, the bearing is completely closed, and always self lubrication, so that it can be less than 3.2Km of the speed of rotation.


4, dust: turbine exhaust fan is 24 hours non-stop, dust is not easy to attach, even if it is easy to clean.


5, maintenance costs: rotary exhaust exhaust without maintenance, also do not need to replace parts, to provide absolute quality, so the choice of non motor fan turbine is the best protection for investors.


6, light weight: turbine exhaust installed on the roof and even the base together with a total weight of about 15Kg/ seat, quite light, in the design of steel structure load, you can not consider.


7, lighting: there is a gap between the blade and the blade of light will enter the room, can increase the degree of lighting 5-10% save electricity.


8, life: general service life in more than 15 years.


9, wide range of application: only 0.2m/s wind breeze, indoor and outdoor temperature 0.5 degrees or above can continuously rotate, not only for the flat roof, sloping roof and in no more than 31.5 degrees, the turbine axis adjustment to the vertical state.

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