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AY Series fan

AY Series Butterfly cone fan

Class: AY Series fan
Click:    Date: 2017-08-15
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Product description

◆ The fan blade is special designed for the biggest efficiency which made of Krupp stainless steel by punch forming. Large air volume, no deformation, no broken, no dust, attractive and durable. Thickness 1.2mm, surface finish BA grade.

◆ Zinc coating weight of Galvanized sheet is 275g/㎡,avoiding rust effectively.

◆ Fan double doors closed with the rubber sealing which effectively avoid air backflow when start fans at different time. Greatly improve the operation efficiency by 15-20% compared with the same power fan.

◆ Using advanced front double door opening device, small wind resistance, good sealing, high efficiency, lengthened cone design improve exhaust power.

◆ Fan blades are adjusted by intelligent dynamic-balance tester, ensure the fan smooth running, lower vibration, less noise, increase stability.

◆ Complete new CNC production line improved fan quality up to top grade, aesthetic appearance.

◆ Use B type belt, lifespan is 3 times longer than A type belt.

◆ Hot-dip galvanized blade support and safe net ensure never rust.

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  • Address: Economic Development Zone Of Qingzhou City
  • Phone: +86-15005365035
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