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AY Series Air iniet

Class: Other Series
Click:    Date: 2017-08-14
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Product description


Adopt Excellent PS engineering plastic with a certain quantity of anti-aging agent under injection process; ensure a strong anti-aging function with longer lifespan.

Special design in window door connection part offers a better sealing when close up.

Protection net connection change from button type to bolts & nuts type, which effectively avoid the damage in transportation.

Reset Spring and Pulley support are all made of excellent stainless steel, Lifespan is extended.

Added with special designed pull rod pulley which reduce friction and facilitate installation mostly by holding up pull rod or steel rope.

Light trap can be offered in clients requests. Bolts connection gets the easy installation, save cost.

Air guide plate can be offered in clients requests. Added spring enables air guide plate to adjust it’s angle according to the window door opening angle.



Air door is opened under gravity,and closed under cord control.No need spring.

The draw cord is designed on the top of air inlet.Pull the cord to close the air door and release the cord to open the air door.

The back of air inlet can be equipment with net or light trap as per customer's requirement which are fixed on the air inlet by bolts&nuts.


The installation wall must be in a same line;

15cm scope from the air inlet must be solid wall to enable catch expansion bolts(Hollow wall is prohibited);

In avoid the rain flow backward, The Hole bottom inner side must be higher than outer side;

Reserved wooden-frame must be in a same line with installation wall.

Reserved Hole Dimension: 560 X270mm


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  • Address: NO2908,Xiankelai north road,Economic zone,qingzhou,weifang,china
  • Phone: +86-15005365035
  • Phone/Fax: +86-0536-3298563
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